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Try out Barcelona´s best buffet

Our guest is offered a very especial service. It is a buffet available 24 hours a day (all year round) where guests can take a soda drink, a coffee, even a beer or simply grab a bite to eat. The emphasis is laid on it not being a regular restaurant with regular tables and regular waiters, because it is not. It is something very unique as it is available 24 hours, it is a courtesy to all our guests and only high quality products are offered. It is intended for everyone: late night and early morning travellers, gluten free (upon request), it is also for vegetarians with fruits and vegetables and pork free products available. Enjoy our Buffet in our charming patio or in our lounge facing the famous Rambla.

This self-service buffet is designed with biodegradable dishes and glasses, and reusable cutlery. An ecological, sustainable and effective solution. Only in this way we are able to offer this service as a courtesy of the house 24 hours available.

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