24/7 Food & Drinks Free Buffet in Barcelona

Enjoy our Buffet on Continetnal Palacete

Our guest is offered a very special service. It is a buffet available 24 hours a day (all year round) where guests can take a soda drink, a coffee, even a beer or simply grab a bite to eat. The emphasis is laid on it not being a regular restaurant with regular tables and regular waiters, because it is not. It is something very unique as it is available 24 hours, it is a courtesy to all our guests and only high quality products are offered.

It is intended for everyone: late night and early morning travellers, gluten free (upon request), it is also for vegetarians with fruits and vegetables and pork free products available.

Enjoy our Buffet in our majestic Salon Versailles or in our balcony area facing the fancy Rambla de Catalunya.


From 6 in the morning until noon, the buffet is adapted to become the buffet breakfast. To the standing offer it is added: a wide selection of hot specialties like home-made sausages, eggs, sorted omelets and more. Cheeses, meats, Jabugo ham, turkey, yogurt and other essentials for breakfast.


Our coffee is supplied by one of the most traditional and handcrafted brand in Spain: Dibar Café

We blindly trust on the Spanish roaster selection for our guests:


Robust, natural, roasted arabica coffee. Made exclusively from natural full-bodied coffees. The aim of this blend is to achieve an espresso coffee in the Italian style: extremely creamy, aromatic, full-bodied and with an intense flavour. It harmoniously blends the fine subtlety of arabicas with the full body of the best robust coffees. It is ideal for making a "ristretto" or "small" black coffee.


100% arabica variety coffee, naturally roasted and containing no caffeine.

The latest technological breakthroughs applied to industrial machinery have managed to extract the caffeine from green coffee using sophisticated natural processes based on steam, with no use of chemical products. As this process is non-aggressive, it allows the coffee bean to retain all its original body, aroma and acidity. This is the perfect product for all those coffee lovers who want all the coffee flavor with none of the caffeine.


In our buffet, you will find tea to start the day and to relax: Classic Tea, Chamomile, Linden tea and Mint.


All our delicatessen products come from the Spanish brand El Pozo, with premium quality and gluten free products. Some may contain traces of pork, turkey and dairy product. 


We have a good variety of artisan bread from the Forn Sant Josep, as well as a complete selection of pastries. (Gluten-free products under request). We also offer up to 4 kind of cereals, plums, raisins or peanuts to complete a perfect breakfast. 


Sweeten your stay with our chocolate with nuts delicies, our sweet coconut bites or our fruit in syrup. 


Quench your thirst in our bottomless drinks buffet. Feel free to choose whitin soda drinks as Pepsi, Pepsi light, orange & lime. There are also alcoholic drinks bottomlessly available as white wine and beer from the renowned Spanish brewery San Miguel.



We have the Palacete Honesty Bar in our Centenary Lounge, a very nice place to spend a quiet time in the afternoon, after a day of activities. It is a small but well selection of distillates and digestives. Serve as you like and write down your consumption in the sheet prepared for this purpose. Exclusive service for over 18 years.


In the buffet area you will always find ice to cold your drinks at any time.