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The Hotel Continental has a rich past and its origins date back to 1826. More than 100 years of history make this hotel an inescapable witness of all the events experienced in the city of Barcelona. This precious heritage makes it unique, you can feel its atmosphere of yesteryear. Throughout its history, the Hotel Continental has hosted many personalities such as the conductor Herbert von Karajan, the singer Antonio Machín, the soccer player Helenio Herrera and the writer George Orwell. George Orwell received a visit from the Prime Minister of India, Nehru, accompanied by his daughter Indira Gandhi and a young man who later became the President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. This hotel combines the splendor of the neoclassical past with modern comfort.



The Hotel Continental Palacete was born thanks to the tenacity of Pilar Vallet, who, always on the lookout for new projects, became aware of this opportunity when she came across an ad in a local newspaper. It was a palace - a small palace - called Casa de Fabra and was originally built on the passeig de Gràcia. When this avenue became increasingly busy, the owners of the time decided to dismantle the building and rebuild it in its present location on the elegant Rambla de Catalunya.

When the Malagarriga family purchased the building in 1999, after almost a year and a half of negotiations with the owners, no one could imagine how difficult it would be to transform this old palace into a hotel.

It was a difficult task, but finally, after three years and countless setbacks, the goal was achieved and on March 6, 2002, the inauguration of the Hotel Continental Palacete took place.


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