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Hotel Continental facade

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Hotel Continental Barcelona

The historic Hotel Continental Barcelona has over 100 years of history and has undergone many changes throughout its life. Initially the hotel was on the corner of La Rambla and Plaza Catalunya and it was a hotel and restaurant. In 1931 when it was acquired by the family Malagarriga Vallet, the hotel changed the location and placed right next to where it was, in the Palace of Marquise of Pallejà. During the Spanish Civil War, the hotel was collectivized, the family was invited to leave the hotel, and it became a kind of seat of local government. It was then that was stayed here one of the most famous writers of cult of in the world: George Orwell. During his stay he wrote his famous novel "Homage to Catalonia" (1937), in which he mentions on several occasions the name of the hotel. They are still many travelers who come to the hotel to see first-hand the hotel where it was stayed George Orwell. During quieter times the hotel was the place chosen by people such as the orchestra conductor Herbert von Karajan, when he came to direct the Lyceum Theatre and Antonio Machinthe singer. In 1974, as a result of the severe crisis that hit the Spanish economy, the hotel was forced to downsize and become a smaller modest establishment, but the result of perseverance and hard work of the family has been going up and right now is expanding in both size and performance.

Hotel Continental Palacete

The project of the Hotel Continental Palacete was born out of Mrs. Pilar Vallet tenacity. As a mindful and always alert woman, Mrs. Vallet was once captivated by a particular advert on a local newspaper. A magnificent 1863 Palacete (little palace) renowned as Casa de Fabra was for sale. Originally built in Paseo de Gracia, when the avenue became a busier street, the Palacete was moved to the fancy Rambla de Cataluña. After eighteen months of tough negotiation with the property, the Malagarriga family acquired the building in 1999. Little did they know that the easiest part was already accomplished and that the hard one was about to begin with the restoring and accommodation works to convert the historic building into a hotel. Despite such a challenge, the uncountable setbacks and random hindrances, the Hotel Continental Palacete was finally inaugurated on March 6, 2002.

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