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The narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter, the Raval and the Born are among the top must see attractions in Barcelona. Always full of life, these unique locations don’t leave anything to be desired: shops, museums, historic buildings and palaces etc., you can find everything here. Much of the area is pedestrianised. Naturally there are many restaurants, some offering the finest international cuisine and others providing more humble but equally tasty traditional dishes. All this is just at a short stroll from the famous Ramblas of Barcelona.


One of the greatest aquariums in Europe, the Barcelona Aquàrium is set in the Port Vell. Its Mediterranean style makes it a very special marine ecosystem, even though tropical aquariums and oceanariums are also included.

If traveling with children, the Aquarium of Barcelona is the ideal place to live a different day, to do something as ordinary as diving with sharks or to camp in fish.

Aquarium near Hotel Continental Barcelona

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